Angel's First Diaper

As I entered the department store I looked down at my list. Adult diapers, tiger balm, lube, baby oil. Grabbing a buggy I headed to the diaper department, looking around to make sure no one I knew was watching. After several minutes of reading labels I picked up the ones in my size and lay them face down in the buggy. I could feel the blush rising to my checks as I thought of what the morning held within the next few hours. As I eased between the aisles I looked for the items Sir D had instructed me to gather. I found everything but the lube and the tiger balm and had to ask. I squirmed as I tried to make an excuse for their use. Everything from the diapers were for granny to the balm was for a sore muscle. Inside I felt the whole world knew what their true intention was and I fought back a constant blush. Looking about I found the checkout counter with the least amount of people on it. Once more I went into a show and tell act of "I hope I got everyone's things" and made it almost believable.

Rushing home, I gathered all the toys I had been instructed to use. Laying out the diaper, 4 clamps, the tiger balm, the butt plug and the lubricant as well as my vibrating bullet and gray duct tape. I went about getting the housework done and waited for the designated time. Thinking of it made me blush and excited all at the same time.

As the time neared, I turned off the phones and turned on the computer to wait but Sir David was here already. From the first message he sent I felt the embarrassment begin.

"Morning Angel, are you anxious to start?" he asked.

"Well, to be honest, Sir, since I was so good yesterday couldnít we just forget this little punishment detail today?"

"NO!" he replied ever so firmly.

I stared at the diaper a moment, then sighed. "Yes Sir."

"Angel, you will insert the butt plug, tape the vibrating bullet to your clit and put on the diaper and be seated."

I really donít like the plug, not that its painful just uncomfortable, still I lubricated it up and slowly inserted it. Holding the diaper beneath me I sat down and then attached the vibrating bullet with shaky hands. Every movement making the plug more noticeable and the urge to go potty almost unbearable. Then tightly securing the tabs on the diaper I leant back into my chair. "It's done Sir."

"Good girl. Now describe what you look like in your diaper, Angel."

I laughed, that was a easy task, "I look like the fat kid who does the commercials for diapers thatís ready for high school" naturally that wasnít what I told Sir...... grin.... "Well, Sir, the diaper is thick and pooching out and its silly looking and I feel like an idiot, Sir."

"Very good angel, now did you bring your clamps and tiger balm?"

"Yes Sir"

"Put the balm on your nipples and apply the clamps. Then put the chain in your mouth I want the weight of your breasts suspended by the chain."

As I dabbed the tiger balm on, I was expecting it to set me on fire right off the bat, but nothing, so I applied some more. Finally it began to kick in and I applied the clamps. This wasnít easy as my nipples were now greasy from the balm and I had to tighten them more than usual. As they locked onto my nipples I whimpered a bit and wished I'd done as told all of a sudden. Placing the chain in my lips I tried to raise my head but the tension was so strong I eased off and kept my head lowered. Here I sat with my ass stuffed, needing to urinate, my nipples on fire and stretched and we were just beginning.

"Angel, I want you to write 25 times, 'I am Master's little baby!'"

Each movement of my arms rubbed the clamps, making me wince a bit. Finally after I finished I sighed a breath of relief. I announced it was completed.

"So I see, now share we turn on the bullet and see how that feels, pet?" Chewing on my lip, I reached and flipped it on low, the buzz of it against my clit was wonderful, almost too wonderful, I was about to drift off into my own space when I saw the screen move and the word STOP appeared. Frustrated I turned it off.

"Now, my sweet little girl, tell me, are those nipples aching yet?"

"Yes Sir they are and the balm is setting me on fire to boot."

"Would you like the clamps off, Angel?"

"Oh yes Sir, may I please?"

"No, not until you wet your diaper like all little girls do." He has to be kidding I thought, I cant wet myself! I sat there for a moment.

"Sir I cant do that, I know I cant."

"It's up to you, Angel, you can sit there and not try and keep feeling that ache in those nipples or you can try, its your choice my pet."

I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate, I could imagine doing it but for the life of me I couldnít get one single drop out. "Sir, I cant do it, honest Im trying but it wont come out." I said with a frown.

"Go to the bathroom angel and try running the water. And when you come back bring some coffee and ice." Waddling trying to keep the plug in and the wires to the bullet from dragging behind me, I made my way to the bathroom. Seating myself as I normally would when I peed, and turning on the water I sat and tried to convince my aching bladder it was ok to wet myself, but my body would have no part of it. After several minutes I got up and went to get the coffee and ice.

"I'm back Sir, sorry but no luck."

"Angel, remove the clamps and apply the ice to the nipples."

As the clamps came off I gasped but that shock was nothing compared to the ice hitting the hot nipples, I wanted to wet so badly at this point I could die, but again my body rebelled. I grew desperate and once my nipples were numb I slid my hand inside my diaper and let the ice water drip on my crotch, squealing as each drop found its way home. Still nothing. "Sir, I cant get anything to work, please let me go potty normally."

"That diaper stays on till you fill it with something other than your pussy juices, pet. Is that clear?"

"Yes Sir its clear," I replied with a whimper.

"Drink your coffee and dip one finger in it for a moment and the other hand put it in the ice."

The shock of the two different feelings collided, I could feel the urine at the point of coming forth but it was as if my mind said no no thatís not nice donít you dare. Finally after trying and trying for a long period of time, I produced a few small drops, it wasnít what Sir wanted but it was a start and he allowed me to remove the diaper, the plug and the bullet. As soon as I went to the bathroom and seated myself on the toilet, I exploded and emptied my bladder. I was amazed at how well trained my body was to what he had been taught so many years ago. Washing up I returned to the computer.

"Angel, you have done well today, and as a reward I'm relenting my instructions that limited your chance to cum today. You will cum, my sweets, but with me on the phone."

I lit up inside, knowing that yesterday had left me on cloud nine after Sir had walked me through a nice afternoon of phone conversation. "Sir, may I ask for one more favor?"


"Can I have a story?"

"Yes Angel, while I write, you will use the bullet on your clit but do not dare cum is that perfectly clear?"

"Absolutely, Sir!" I replied with a huge grin on my face from the anticipation of the things to come. As I read his words of the first meeting we would share and what was to be, I grew more and more aroused. My wet crotch becoming soaked. As he detailed every move every sound and smell I wandered into the story deeper.

"Angel, get off here, and take your toys and the phone."

"OH yes Sir....... " with that I was in the bedroom waiting impatiently.

The sound of the phone made my heart leap with joy. "Hello, Sir!"

"Hello, Angel. I'm so proud of you today. You handled your punishment well, and did you learn anything today?"

"Yes Sir, that tiger balm is hot and that its hard to get on the clamps once its on the nipples!"

"That wasnít what I had in mind, pet!"

Laughing, "Well, yes, Sir, I learned that not doing as I'm told won't be tolerated no matter how small the infraction Sir."

"Much better, now lay down and spread those legs. I want you to put on your nipple clamps and begin teasing your clit but you are not to cum. And you WILL ask permission today."

As the clamps went on I whimpered, they were sore from the earlier activities and the fact that I had been punished the day before for using words not permitted. I lay back and began to let the bullet do its wonderful thing to my clit. I was so close, it was within reach when I heard the words: "Angel are you close?"

"Uh huh" I whispered softly still concentrating on what was happening to my body.

"STOP!" Removing the bullet and catching my breath, I waited.

"Take the vibrator and insert it, Angel, and continue to fuck yourself till you are told to stop." The pressure inside grew as I grew more aggressive, it felt so good, stopping was the last thing I wanted to do. But those familiar words came again, and I stopped with a whimper.

"Angel apply the last two clamps to your outer lips after you have spanked that pussy 10 strokes and then apply the tiger balm to your clit." The heat from the smacks made the bite of the clamps more than slightly noticeable. I let a slight squeal escape my lips as they locked onto the flesh. Laying back down I opened the balm and applied a small amount to my clit, it had no problem making itself known here. Suddenly it was if someone had poured hot coals onto my clit. Yet I liked the feeling.

"Now, Angel, you will again use the vibrator and the bullet and you will ask permission to cum. Do not forget, you WILL ask!" Time and time again I neared the moment of perfection and time and time again I was told to stop. I was becoming more than frustrated I was almost angry at those words. I was literally begging for release. It was almost starting to hurt I wanted, no needed, it so badly. On the 12th time I heard those magic words. "You may cum, pet!"

With a shout of delight I let loose, my heart felt as if it were running away from me, my breath was being stolen from my body, every muscle in me screaming with life as I came. I lost count of how many orgasms assaulted me, but when I heard the words, "Stop" come from Sir's lips, all I could do was say "I can't" and drop the phone. Never have I felt such a rush, it was as if I had lost control of my body, it had taken a mind of its own. Finally it subsided and I collapsed with a sigh.

"Thank you, Sir, that was wonderful. Lord help me, that was great!"

A chuckle echoed across the line, "You are most welcome, pet."

"Now, may I help you to find relief, Sir?"

"Yes, pet, by all means."

"Kneeling before you, reaching up, I take your cock in my hand, slowly letting the warm wetness of my tongue make small circles around the head. I flicker my tongue back and forwards across the slit and I listen to you moan and feel you thrust forward a bit. Still holding tightly to the shaft, I lick the palm of my hand and roll it in circles around the head and along the ring that encases it. I stop for a moment to listen to the sounds that are softly coming from your lips; sounds of pleasure and delight. Gently at first I suck the tip in and then past the ring, taking more in with each suck and using my tongue to dance across the shaft and head. I pay particular attention to the blood vessel just beneath the backside of your cock. The steady rhythm of your hips and my mouth soon become one. Easing back to the head, I nibble at it and work my way down to your dangling balls, sucking slowly one side then the other. I then take them both into my mouth as my hand continues to stroke your throbbing cock. My tongue plays softly on your balls as I roll them a bit in my mouth and then return to your cock. The precum collects in nice droplets as I slowly lick it from the tip. Reaching up I take a nipple in between my fingers and slightly squeeze. Sucking hard and steadily rocking up and down as I apply more pressure to your nipples, I hear the sound I have been waiting for; that animal growl from within. The salty taste of cum, hot and sticky, fills my mouth as I swallow quickly. Once the bobbing has subsided, I pull back, licking you clean, then smile.

"That didn't take long Sir!"

"That's because I didn't have to wait until given permission like someone I know," he said with a soft and loving laugh. "Angel?"

"Yes Sir?"

"Have I told you that I love you today?"

Smiling widely, "Yes, Sir, but you can do it again and again."

"I intend to, pet....."

by Misty Angel77
© Copyright 1998

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